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Draft No.8 – 1926

S/S “Corinthic”

Name Place of Origin
Alderson, E. Sunderland
Anderson, R. Hull
Bain, A. G. Portsmouth
Barlow, W. F. H. Torquay
Bell, A. Dundee
Bird, K. A. Grimsby
Brandon, R. J. South Shields
Brown, W. Lowestoft
Chant, F. T. Portsmouth
Dickson, G. M. Aberdeen
Doherty, M. Glasgow
Fisher, G. F. Dovercourt Bay
Fletcher, J. J. W. Grimsby
Fry, K. H. Portsmouth
Girvan, J. B. Glasgow
Goodall, V. C. Petersfield
Haldane, J. Aberdeen
Hewitt, A. Portsmouth
Hope, A. J. Portsmouth
Jennings, A. A. Portsmouth
Jennings, J. Portsmouth
John, R. E. Dundee
May, A. Dundee
Mulrooney, A. F. Gosport
Munting, J. F. Denmead
Parker, B. Leith
Parkinson, J. A. Portsmouth
Ramshaw, J. W. Fleetwood
Shannon, L. E. Portsmouth
Tarrant, D. W. Portsmouth
Wilson, O. South Shields

Note: We have not been able to find a photograph of this draft intake in any historical records. If you happen to have one, please let us know as we would love to include it on this site and the official records.

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