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“It is a living war memorial, conceived in gratitude; expressed in generosity; administered in wisdom. This is not a memorial of mute stone; it is the transformation of orphan seamen’s sons and daughters into practical, prosperous New Zealand farmers. It has been instituted as an act of gratitude by the sheep farmers of New Zealand in recognition of the debt they owe to the seamen of the Navy and Mercantile Marine.”

Flock House

A history of The New Zealand Sheepowners' Acknowledgment of Debt to British Seamen Fund

Flock House was officially opened July 19th, 1924. This website will form the centre piece of a project aiming to tell the stories of Flock House and it’s origins, with a focus on remembering and honouring the British Seamen Orphans (635 boys, 124 girls) who went through Flock House between 1924-1931 . We will be gathering and collating information from descendants, friends and past attendees to build the picture of Flock House.

Part of this project is also a commemorative 100yr anniversary weekend for Flock House in July 24 and registrations are now open.

Programme and Registration Details

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    Photos from the opening of Flock House in 1924.  Photo Credit

    Are you a descendant of an Orphan?

    Did you or a relative attend in subsequent years?

    We are wanting to hear from Descendants of Flock House attendees to get the stories and collate this information to build the bigger picture of the early days of Flock House with a focus on the Orphans it was setup to help. You can submit your story by clicking through the link below.

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    If you feel you can add to this shared history in any way no matter how small it may seem, please email:

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