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Draft No.4 – 1925

S/S “Corinthic”

Name Place of Origin
Anderson, J. Ayr
Bass, A. E. Grimsby
Bragg, C. V. Devonport
Coulthard, T. Newcastle
Cunningham, J. R Durham
Duke, E. S. Isle of Man
Dungey, T. A. Sheerness
Fox, R. North Shields
Girvan, A. B. Glasgow
Godbold, J. 1. R. Lowestoft
Grace, F. A. R. Portsmouth
Greenwood, G. T. B. Portsmouth
Hughes, C. Grimsby
Jarvie, A. Glasgow
Lardner, J. S. Portsmouth
Leary, E. Crewe
Lobban, A. C. Bath
Marnock, A. B. Aberdeen
Marnock, J. I. Aberdeen
Morgan, E. C. Great Yarmouth
Morgan, H. C. Great Yarmouth
Robinson, J. Cleethorpes
Shannon, J. South Shields
Smith, W. L. Grimsby
Swan, A. J. Cleethorpes
Tilling, D. P. Southampton
Whincop, J. Grimsby
Whincop, S. M. Grimsby
Young, J. B. Fareham
Young, R. S. J. Lowestoft

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