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Draft No.21 – 1931

S/S “Rangitiki”

Name  Place of Origin
Anderson, N. Middlesborough
Ankers, R. H. Liverpool
Bennett, I. V. Devonport
Bray, R. Grimsby
Bridge, A. S. Bootle
Campbell, G. L. Nelson
Campbell, J. L. London
Clark, J. J. North Shields
Coles, D. E. Devon
Dixon, A. E. Southsea
Downer, R. G. Gosport
Falconer, A. Blairgowrie
Haldane, E. Banff
Kimber, D. B. Grimsby
Knight, Q. M. Portsmouth
Matheson, A. A. North Shields
Meria, E. J. Cheshire
Mitchell, D. A. G Southampton
Ridley, E. D. S. Sunderland
Sutton, A. C. Bootle
Thompson, A. W. R. Aberdeen
Tweedie, W. M. Stirling
Warwick, G. Southsea
Washer, C. R. Liverpool
Wylie, G. P. South Shields

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