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Draft No.16 – 1929

S/S “Rotorua”

Name  Place of Origin
Anderson, J. F. Paisley
Anderson, J. Paisley
Baker, A. E. London
Brown, L. J. A. Devonport
Burns, W. R. Devonport
Chute, T. C. T. Barry
Collins, J. J. Portsmouth
Else, H. A. Sheffield
Falconer, W. Aberdeen
Gane, P. C. Essex
Hall, V. R. Portsmouth
Hammant, W. Great Yarmouth
Hayhoe, F. W. Grimsby
Hughes, C. F. Portsmouth
Jones, E. B. Cardiff
Jones, T. Cardiff
Lardner, J. Portsmouth
Leaning, T. F. E. Grimsby
Macdougall, S. A. Fraserburgh
Mulrooney, W. M. Gosport
Pearce, W. F. Plymouth
Stuart, F. A. Gosport
Thacker, G. W. Plymouth
Towner, F. E. Portsmouth
Treagus, P. J. Portsmouth
Walker, C. Fraserburgh
Walker, S. Glasgow
Webber, V. H. Newport
Wheeler, G. F. W. Portsmouth
Whitfield, E. G. Tyneside

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