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Draft No.15 – 1929

S/S “Tainui”

Name  Place of Origin
Angus, A. Fraserburgh
Ballard, G. A. Portsmouth
Bennett, S. Devonport
Carter, W. T. C. Cheriton
Falconer, D. Blairgowrie
Frazier, W. Dorset
Garner, J. W. Hull
Gibson, I. S. Ayr
Gillard, J. Hull
Hooper, W. H. Devonport
King, W. F. Devonport
Langdon, F. V. Torquay
Maber, A. F Plymouth
Mantell, W. G. Liverpool
May, J. T. Aberdeen
May, R. C. Aberdeen
Page, C. W. Hurstpierpoint
Parkins, R. J. Plymouth
Rudling, S. J. C. Portsmouth
Setters, R. W. F. Grimsby
Setters, W. L. Grimsby
Silvester, A. J. Emsworth
Thomas, R. F. London
Thompson, F. W. G. Hinderwell
Thomson, R. Stonehaven
Thornton, A. E. Hull
Wards, W. H. Ayr
Withers, G. F. Portsmouth
White, H. Sheffield
Wyllie, H. Aberdeen

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