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Draft No.14 – 1928

S/S “Rotorua”

Name  Place of Origin
Briggs, A. R. Hull
Briggs, F. E. Hull
Bush, A. G. Essex
Bush, G. Essex
Campbell, T. C. Southsea
Campion, R. E. Plymouth
Carpenter, J. E. London
Coleman, L, W. Weymouth
Corbin, J. B. Lowestoft
Fisher, A. Cleethorpes
Harrison, C. F. G. Chatham
Harrison, C. L. Sunderland
Hayward, J. C. Chatham
Hewitt, R. J. Portsmouth
Iverson, L. F. Folkstone
Jeromson, J. R. Edinburgh
Johnson, C. L. Bosham
Kerley, B. G. Portsmouth
Knapman, G. C. Portsmouth
Marchant, E. C. Hastings
McMahon, J. B. Ayr
Morgan, W. J. Portsmouth
Neville, F. C. Gosport
Rowlands, G. A. West Hartlepool
Russell, W. K. A. Portsmouth
Taylor, C. F. C. Devonport
Thacker, T. E. Plymouth
Timney, O. Durham
Utting, G. R. Lowestoft
Walker, E. J. Greenock
Ware, F. T. Portsmouth
Ware, W. A. Portsmouth

Note: We have not been able to find a photograph of this draft intake in any historical records. If you happen to have one, please let us know as we would love to include it on this site and the official records.

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