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Draft No.13 – 1928

S/S “Rotorua”

Name  Place of Origin
Alderson, A. R. Sunderland
Aylwin, C. A. Southsea
Balfour, S. D. Edinburgh
Bardell, F. A. Wisbech
Bardell, C. P. Wisbech
Beamish, E. J. Yarmouth
Blakelock, G. H. Cleethorpes
Buxton, R. N. Grimsby
Chapman, J. South Shields
Cross, F. G. South Shields
Eden, C. L. Plymouth
Flack, A. L, Portsmouth
Foreman, S. J. Portsmouth
Fugler, W. W. Plymouth
Griffin, A. Grimsby
Griffiths, H. W. Hull
Gyte, J. D.  Bootle
Harriman, T. A. G. Portsmouth
Holmes, R. Cleethorpes
Hood, B. A. Suffolk
Johnstone, R. D. South Shields
Johnson, E. W. W. Sunderland
Lewis, J. L. Reading
Osmond, A. V. Genoa
Page, C. F. Portsmouth
Puddick, A. J. Portsmouth
 Rogers, D. V. Hayling Island
Rudling, J. V. Portsmouth
Smart, J. Portsmouth
Smith, J. A. Portsmouth
Stickley, I. W. Yarmouth
Taylor, J. H. Leyton
Timney, L. S. Durham
Walker, H. F. Aberdeen

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