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Draft No.10 – 1927

S/S “Rotorua”

Name  Place of Origin
Andrews, A. P. Hartlepools
Angus, J. C. North Shields
Baker, W. L. St. Dogmaels, Wales
Cooke, J. W. R. Westerham
Course, J. Portsmouth
Davies, T. E. East Ham.
Donegan, J. Belfast
Field, H. G Huddersfield
Fisher, A. H. Portsmouth
Francis, F. E. North Shields
Gascoigne, J. B. R. Lowestoft
Gibbons, F. Grimsby
Hurry, W. K. Aberdeen
Metcalfe, A. North Shields
Miller, J. W. Swanley
Nurse, F. Grimsby
Park, G. A. South Shields
Parker, J. S. Leith
Pragnell, A. Gateshead
Rawlings, P. E. W. London
Ross, D. Greenoch
Rowlands, H. West Hartlepool
Salter, F. B. Portsmouth
Scrimgour, D. C. Blyth
Scrimgour, G. R. Blyth
Waine, R. South Shields
Walker, R. L. Portsmouth
Watkin, T. Liverpool
Wicken, W. A. Portsmouth
Wilson, A. M. South Shields
Young, D. G. G. Fareham

Note: We have not been able to find a photograph of this draft intake in any historical records. If you happen to have one, please let us know as we would love to include it on this site and the official records.

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